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This MultiQuad® modular exhibit features Lightweight aluminum framework with lifetime warranty and magnetically attached Quads which are easily assembled using the Build By Numbers™ system. The unit is designed to incorporate a 42” flush mounted monitor as well as a (2) 19” monitors using media mounts. The stepped back wall uses double Quads vertically as well as a 46” wide backlit image. The center section has a canopy with downlighting. The forward extending counter height provides separation as well as storage, while the POD1 podium units provide a demonstration or meet & greet area. Storage can be utilized inside podiums or along the back wall by removing any Quad. This unit ships in a traditional trade show crate via common carrier (there are optionalUPS or FedEx cases available).

Can be reconfigured

Supports monitors

Quads can be any color or graphic

LED downlight canopies

Shelving under small monitors

Storage along backwall, sidewall and in podiums

Backlit full height/width graphic section

  • (2) MQX-F24: Max 2 x 4 Frame
    (2) MQX-F14: Max 1 x 4 Frame
    (2) MQ-F24: 2 x 4 Standard Frame
    (1) MQ-F14: 1 x 4 Standard Frame
    (1) MQX-F22C: Max 2 x 2 Counter
    (2) MQ-POD1: Standard 1 x 1 Podium
    (1) MQ-PODL1: Standard L-Shaped Podium
    (1) MQ-FFC2323: 23” Canopy w/ 1 LED Light
    (1) MQ-FFC2346: 46” Canopy w/ 2 LED Lights
    (1) MQ-SM4Q: 43” Media Mount
    (2) MQ-SM1Q: 19” Media Mount
    (2) MQX-SH23: Max 23” Shelf Kit
    (32) MQ-Q2346: 23” x 46” Double Quads
    (6) MQ-Q1223: 12.125” x 23”Side Quads
    (10) MQ-Q2323: 23” x 23” Main Quad
    (1) MQ-QTV42K: Two Double Vertical Quads and Monitor Cutouts
    (2) MQ-QTV19: 23” x 23” Quad w/ monitor cutout
    (1) GRA-EL46F: 46” x 92” Backlit Graphic
    (1) LFK106: 46” x 92” Lightbox LED Backlight Kit
    (1) Crate

Size: 10′ x 20′

Weight: 500 lbs

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