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Spark interaction with an island exhibit that delivers. This exhibit combines high-impact graphics and modular structures for limitless possibilities. The three tall towers allow for branding on all sides and help eliminate the need for hanging signs or rigging. There are several bridge areas tying in the tower components while also creating three semi private meeting areas. The entire structure is covered easily using magnetically attached Quads that can be printed with high impact graphics, text, or faux finishes. The freestanding podium unit provides for product demo areas, and storage can be accessed along any of the tower structures by simply removing and then replacing a Quad. Lighting comes from a series of LED stem lights positioned at the tops of the towers. The unit ships via common carrier in a traditional trade show crate.

Lightweight may equal savings in shipping and drayage

No tools required assembly

Lifetime framework warranty

High impact printed Quads are easy to assemble or change out for new messages

Can be reconfigured for smaller sizes or added to for larger sizes

Incorporates flush mount monitors with Media Mount

  • (11) MQX-F24: 2 x 4 Max Frame
    (5) MQX-F14: 1 x 4 Max Frame
    (2) MQ-SM4Q: Large Media Mount
    (1) MQX-F11: 1 x 1 Max Frame
    (2) MQX-F21: 2 x 1 Max Frame
    (4) MQ-BK13823: 138” x 23” x 23” Bridge Kit
    (1) MQ-BK4623: 46” x 23” x 23” Bridge Kit
    (12) LF40LEDMQ: LED Stem Light
    (2) MQ-POD1: 1 x 1 Standard Podium
    (2) MQ-QTV42K: Two Vertical Double Quads with Monitor Cutout
    (58) MQ-Q2346: 23” x 46” Double Quads
    (63) MQ-Q2323: 23” x 23” Main Quad
    (1) MQ-Q1223: 12.125” x 23” Side Quad
    (2) Crates

Size: 20′ x 30′

Weight: 1450 lbs

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