Custom Trade Show Booths & Exhibits

Creating powerful experiences

At ExpoDisplays we don't just design and build impressive custom exhibits, we create valuable experiences too.

We are more than just a team of strategists, designers and fabricators – we are a partner.

From conception through fabrication and installation, we ensure your vision is executed in the most innovative way. Listening to your needs, thinking outside the box, and delivering more than what you expect is what we do best. And we never let an opportunity pass to impress.

From coast to coast, tap into our professional network of top venue managers, show planners, transportation professionals and storage facilities.

Custom trade show displays are made to draw attendees in from all angles. Whatever your goals are, displaying products in a way that is the most visually appealing will help you pique the interest of anyone who sees your booth. The design you choose can also affect the experiences you provide. A greater experience will lead to greater engagement. How will you display your communication?

By creating something that is unique, you’ll end up offering a greater experience than a rental, and you’ll make lasting impressions that will turn into leads.

No one wants to blend into the crowd at a trade show, especially when you consider the latest trade show industry statistics show 84% of trade show attendees have buying authority. A custom trade show booth will make sure visitors see and remember your brand over your competitors. The more control you have over your look and design, the better off your business will be at an event.Through functional design and innovation, our custom trade show exhibits will redefine your trade show experience. We explore every detail of your brand and we work diligently to create an environment that works with its intention.

Custom trade show displays will visually define your brand. A display that is branded from the inside out will make sure attendees recognize what your brand voice is and how to connect with you. This way, your brand will take on a persona that is more approachable. After all, branding is one of the most effective strategies a business can use to connect with a targeted audience and increase sales and revenue.

The booth space you have at trade shows can also make or break your success, so consider a custom exhibit that modifies your brand’s needs. You’ll want to utilize your space and make sure your exhibit design has enough storage area as well as meeting areas to talk with attendees. Having a custom design allows you to turn functionality into an eye-catching exhibit. Don’t diminish the impact you could have because of a smaller trade show footprint. Custom trade show displays can help take your business to the next level at trade shows and events.

Custom Trade Show Booths & Exhibits, custom trade show exhibits

Custom exhibit Design

You only get one chance to make a first impression. We make it count.

Whether you have an idea for an custom trade show booth, need help developing a concept or give us the green light to come up with a completely new design, our team of expert designers are up for the challenge. ExpoDisplays offers a genuine, personable and collaborative interaction – An end-to-end experience tailored and customized to the specific needs, goals and aspirations of our clients.

Render to Reality

From napkin sketches to cutting-edge, three-dimensional renderings, virtual reality fly-throughs all the way to fully realized exhibit environments; we have the design services to give you maximum input every step of the way.

Out-of-the-box thinking but inside your booth.  We take your vision and mold it into something spectacular. Our professional 3D maestros have crafted thousands of trade show booth designs, and know how to push creative boundaries while abiding by show regulations.

Our Approach

We’re just as great at making unbelievable ideas happen as we are at dreaming them up. Tell us your story, your vision—and then watch us bring it to life.

We like to do our homework and want to know all about your goals for your custom exhibit. The needs, wants, event specifics, target audience, your brand, the look & feel…We want to consider the materials, visuals and multimedia applications needed to excite, engage and motivate. 

ExpoDisplays offers a genuine, personable and collaborative interaction – An end-to-end experience tailored and customized to your message. 

A one size fits all approach does not work for a truly unique outcome. Through the creative and effective use of a wide variety of materials and finishes, we leverage thoughtful design and cutting-edge technologies to create engaging, informed and transformative custom exhibits. Seeing is believing! 

The devil’s in the details and we’re sticklers for meticulous, high-end, quality mechanicals. Not only are we well-versed in designing across the board, but we make sure every design and concept is perfectly executed, every step of the way. From the floor to the ceiling to the walls to what’s inside, we take every detail into account.

Because of our in-house production and on-site expertise, your project will get the detailed attention it deserves through completion and your final approval. Using industry-leading methods to push the envelope in construction and engineering – we making sure you booth looks even better than the rendering. By manufacturing the designs we create with materials we trust by our own experienced craftsmen, we eliminate unnecessary middlemen and potential miscommunication than can happen when pieces of a project are passed around.

We also pre-build your exhibit at our manufacturing facility and let you see the tradeshow exhibit when it is ready before we deliver it to you. We want you to feel confident that your booth will look the way you imagined it on the show floor, not just in a design presentation. That is why we stage your booth for every show you exhibit to help eliminate any last minute surprises.

Think Creatively. Build Smart. Be Innovative.

Get your brand noticed