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This MultiQuad® portable display system is designed to fill a 10′ x 40′ inline area but can easily be reconfigured for any orientation or space. The lightweight aluminum frames are easy to assemble and give the structure to house monitors and a variety of other accessories. Also included in this kit is the modular podium units which can be utilized for additional workspaces or used to create greeting areas for you and your guests.  The magnetically attached Quads are easily changed around and can be printed with any color, branding, or image. Anchoring the exhibit is the canopy system, complete with lighting, that ties the entire exhibit space together, creating a cohesive and tailored look.

Lightweight aluminum framework requires no-tools for assembly

Lifetime warranty on framework

Mediamount allows for up to (4) 42’ flush mounted monitors

Canopies with LED downlighting provide lighting

Backwall podiums can be relocated
as needed

Magnetically attached double Quads reduce assembly time

Can be reconfigured into smaller sizes
Ships common carrier in traditional trade show crate

  • (4) MQX-F24: Max 2 x 4 Frame
  • (4) MQX-F14: Max 1 x 4 Frame
  • (3) MQ-F24: 2 x 4 Standard Frame
  • (2) MQ-F14: 1 x 4 Standard Frame
  • (6) MQ-FFC2323: 23” Canopy w/ 1 LED Light
  • (7) MQ-FFC2346: 46” Canopy w/ 2 LED Lights
  • (4) MQ-SM4Q: 43” Media Mount
  • (6) MQ-POD1: 1×1 Standard Podium
  • (2) LFK106: 46” x 92” LED Light Kit
  • (2) GRA-EL23F: 23” x 92” Backlit Graphic
  • (40) MQ-Q2346: 23” x 46” Double Quads
  • (4) MQ-Q1223: 12.125” x 23” Side Quads
  • (6) MQ-Q2323: 23” x 23” Main Quad
  • (4) MQ-QTV42K: Two Double Vertical Quads with Reveals and Monitor Cutouts
  • (1) Crate

Size: 10′ x 40′

Weight: 790 lbs

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