MultiQuad® Kit 9
10’ x 30'
This inline MultiQuad system is designed to fit into a 10 x 30 space and create a large graphic filled back wall. This exhibit includes a 46” x 92” backlit section, the ability to house (2) 42” flush mount monitors, and includes lightweight canopies with LED downlighting across the entire back wall. The 40” high podium units can be used stand-alone or with one another to create display, demonstration or greeting areas. Easily attached digitally printed magnetic Quads are provided for the entire back wall face, insets and ends as well as all four sides of podiums. No tools required set up and Build By Numbers™ makes assembly a snap.

• Full graphic Quads all visible surfaces

• Ability to reconfigure or cover the back with Quads

• LED front face backlit module

• Stepped back wall

• Components can be reconfigured for 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 uses

• Lightweight downlit canopies

• MultiQuad hardware lifetime warranty

• Max podiums (easily moved around exhibit)

• Media mounts for flush mounting monitors

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