MultiQuad® Kit 7
20’ x 20'
This MultiQuad island display is designed for a 20 x 20 exhibit space. The large 15’-4” center tower provides branding opportunities (without the expense of a hanging sign) on four sides. The design shows monitor use on two sides of the main tower as well as one side of the outboard walls. The overhead bridge systems provide imaging opportunities while tying in the main tower to the outboard kiosk walls. Shelving below monitor locations allow for easy keyboard and mouse use. Lighting provided by clamp-on LED light fixtures. Build By Numbers™ plus lightweight components make for easy assembly. By pulling components from main display inline configurations can be made.

• Magnetically attached graphic Quads on all exposed surfaces

• Lightweight aluminum components assemble without the need for tools

• Full height center tower (storage available inside)

• Bridge headers tie in outboard walls

• LED clamp on light fixtures

• Ships in traditional trade show type crate

• Easily reconfigures

• MultiQuad lifetime warranty

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