Why  exhibit?

Trade show industry insiders understand the need for a trade show exhibit.   But what about new exhibitors?  When you’re considering all of the options face to face marketing affords you today, take this advice from  booth staff trainer and CEO of Marketech 360 , Holly Sherrill:

Many of us in the industry just assume that we need an exhibit when going to a trade show. We don’t ask what role does it play and how are we going to use it to further meet our marketing communications goals?

When considering your marketing mission, an exhibit can help launch a new product, be the attraction that drives traffic to your exhibit, promote and communicate the benefits of your offering, scare your competition, carry your message, impress your clients and suppliers  and foremost, advance the buying cycle for your products and services.

Exhibits can help advance the buying cycle for your products and services.

For the attendee, the exhibit display: grabs their attention so they stop to assess if your offering can fill their need, can be seen from a distance so they can determine where their time is best invested, helps pre-qualify passing show visitors, provide a meeting space and helps answer questions via multimedia presentations.

For the staff: it is the platform upon which they do their work, reinforces the staff’s verbal messages with visual impact and makes a branding statement to support the overall interaction.

Before investing in an exhibit ask:

  • Why do attendees come to the show?
  • Why do they visit you at the show?
  • What will attract them to your exhibit?
  • When they are at your exhibit, what do they want to do?

These four questions will help determine your exhibit needs.

Hollhollyy Sherrill
Exhibit Staff Trainer | CEO
Marketech 360

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