Top 5 Tips to revitalize your exhibiting

Posted by Terri Parker on Aug 6, 2014 1:49:00 PM

Revitalizing the way you exhibit can be a daunting task.  But few things can add fresh impact to your face to face marketing, than breathing new life into your exhibiting.

Consider our top 5 tips

  • Rebrand.  A trade show is the perfect event to roll out a new brand platform.  You can use the show and the exhibit itself to promote a fresh direction and new focus or even an updated logo
  • Incorporate new technology into your design.  Technology is an eyecatcher for many.  But if you’re using it, keep it up to date and relevant.  Using outdated technology in your exhibiting reflects on your overall business
  • Add elements of engagement within your design.  Have something that people want to touch or hang around for. Visually keep your visitors interested with your exhibit design by providing a tactical element that will capture their attention and help them remember you.
  • Rent. If you want to try a new design that really pushes the envelope, consider renting.  You can go all out with the graphics and your new direction as a test without the financial commitment of buying an exhibit.  Get creative in giving a rental the look of a custom exhibit.
  • Get Someone Else to do it for you. Find an exhibit designer and manufacturer that is a partner in your exhibit program. Finding a low cost provider is easy online, but that leaves all the work up to you.  Instead consider partnering with a new company that will keep you current on industry trends, remains focused on quality and frees you up to do your job.


Now, say goodbye to the old way you exhibit and put your face to face marketing to the test with your new direction.