The secret behind exhibiting at a table top show

Most people in the business know how awesomely amazing exhibiting at a table top show can be for your business. However, the competition at each one of these events is usually pretty serious. The question is, how can you increase your tradeshow ROI and outshine the competition?

Experts in the tradeshow biz know that in order to get killer results your table top displays have to be equally ‘killer’. From innovative to fanciful, there are tons of tradeshow displays for you to choose from even reconfigurable displays, but finding one that represents your brand and sticks like honey to your audience’s memory is a whole other beast.  That’s when hiring an experienced designer comes in. 

Here’s what you need to know about table top displays and how to use them to your advantage.

  • Table Top Displays Have Amazing ROI – If you’re daring and bold enough with your design and successfully stop traffic, the return on investment for table top displays is phenomenal. Since you pay for a smaller booth space and you’re unlikely to be incurring any significant shipping costs, it’s easier to go bolder with your designs.  Tradeshow ROI can be tricky, but if you execute your designs correctly and maximize your space to the best of your ability, the results can be better than you had imagined. On the other hand, if your ROI is lower than expected, you’ll be forced to attend more shows and of course, incur more fees. Done properly, you shouldn’t have to go to more than a handful of shows in a given quarter.
  • Never Sit Behind Your Display.  Ever. – Whatever you do, don’t be the booth that sets up your display and pulls up the chair behind it, then plops down. Instead, interact with people who walk by, give them a reason to want to stop and check out your displays.  You’ll also want to train your staff to interact with passersby. If they don’t know how to strike up conversations, show them.  Proper booth staff training is key.
  • Use Technology Whenever You Can – Technology is no longer a luxury; it is a must have. It also makes it easier for people to interact with your exhibit. This can easily be done if you bring a tablet to your show.  Tablets allow you to show customers how your product works, any extra services you offer, and can be used as lead retrieval devices.


By incorporating your unique design flair without deviating away from your message and creating a connection with your audience, you stand a better chance of producing a successful trade show table top display and event.