When ExpoDisplays sought to exhibit the MultiQuad® exhibit at the TS2 show in Boston, one of MultiQuads great features allowed us to select a rare 10 x 20 Island space in a great location. The feature? The fact that MultiQuad can easily be covered on both sides. Unlike most other exhibit systems, MultiQuad® is non-directional. It is just as easy to cover the back with Quads® as it is the front, left or right.  This allowed us to grab a great space that most other exhibitors had to pass on because their exhibits are not designed for the back side to be covered.

As with most island booth spaces, the height restriction was 20′ so we took advantage with a 20′ tall tower on one side and a smaller 12′ tower on the other, connected with a canopy. Other features included two 47″ LCDs, a lighted product display case, a 4′ x 8′ backlit graphic, a 3D logo Quad® and various MultiQuad® podiums and counters.

This exhibit is proof that MultiQuad® owners have no problem overcoming odd booth spaces or booth space restrictions.