ExpoLight Specifications and Information

Product Dimensions

  • ExpoLight lightboxes come in any combination of three standard widths (23”, 34.5” and 46″) and three standard heights (38″, 46″ and 92″.)

Final Product Heights (including feet and countertop)

  • Feet are adjustable and can be easily removed and replaced.
Frame Foot Top Total Height
Floor Models 92” .75” 92.75”
Table Tops 46” .75” 46.75”
Podiums 38” .75” .75” 39.50”
Counters 46” .75” .75” 47.50”

Countertops on Counters and Podiums

  • All counters and podiums come standard with ¾” thick black laminate countertops with black laminate edges. Blocks mounted to the bottom fit inside the top frame of the lightbox fame to hold the top in place.
  • Custom color laminated countertops are available with matching edges.
  • Custom printed tops (i.e. graphics) are available which also include printed edges.

LED Lighting System

  • Floor Model Displays include two LED light kits; one mounted to the bottom of the frame facing up, and one mounted to the underside of the top of the frame facing down. A connector cord runs between the two light kits. The power cord runs from the bottom light under the bottom of the frame.
  • Table Tops, Podiums, & Counters have one LED light kit mounted to the bottom of the frame facing up. Power cord runs under the bottom of the frame.

Light Reflectors to Increase Brightness

  • All ExpoLight boxes have white, light reflecting backs and sides to increase the graphic brightness.

L-Shaped Podiums

  • Constructed of two ExpoLight boxes (of various sizes) set at a 90 degree angle to each other, with a curved center section between them that connects the two light boxes and provides a place for the graphic to attach. 
  • Each L-Shaped Podium has a two-piece counter top.
  • Includes a single back-lit graphic that covers the entire front of the podium. This graphic has a 1″ black border around the entire perimeter, and two 1″ black borders that run vertically top to bottom where the two light boxes meet the curved center section. This creates three distinct back-lit graphics. One on the left, one on the right and one in the center curved section.
  • As with all ExpoLight podiums, L-Shaped versions have one light system at the bottom of the frame facing up.
  • Come standard with finished, black back panels and side panels. Both back panels and side panels are white on the inside to reflect light and increase the impact of the back-lit graphic.