DiamondFlex FAQ

DiamondFlex 401 Swap

How does the DiamondFlex 401 Swap differ from the DF50, 400, 447 and 800?
The only difference is the way the graphics are changed. The DF401 Swap features a changeable cartridge system to make swapping graphics much faster.

How does the DiamondFlex 401 Swap graphic change system work?
DF401 Swap graphics are pre-loaded into an aluminum cartridge with the top rail attached. To change graphics you open the side of the base unit, remove the existing cartridge/graphic and insert the new one. The process takes about 30 seconds. Instructional video

What should I do with my old DF 401 Swap cartridge/graphic?
You can return the cartridge/top rail to ExpoDisplays for a $20 credit towards your next graphic purchase. Or you can discard the graphic and recycle the cartridge/top rail (both are aluminum).

DiamondFlex 800

Can the DiamondFlex 800 be used as a single-sided display?
Yes. It is a single OR double sided product. You do not have to have a graphic on the back side. And if you do, just leave it retracted for a single-sided display.