The industry's Premiere Pop-Up Display

Pop-Up Display

Pop-up displays aren’t just plain back walls anymore. Evolution, our premiere pop-up display, gives you the features you need, making your exhibit more functional than ever before. Evolution is a portable, easy to set-up exhibit that features stunning fabric graphics and case-to-counter options.


Our versatile pop up display can help you make a big splash at large national conventions, small regional trade shows, and everything in between. 


Designed for looks and built to last, Evolution communicates your message with unmistakable style. Made from high-quality materials, this pop-up uses sturdy, expandable frames for long lasting durability. 


Exhibit easier, better and more efficiently. Evolution offers a whole host of styles, sizes and features and has smartly designed accessories thsat set it apart from the competition.

evolution pop up display

Engineered with precision for stability

  • Frame Locks that hold the frame at the proper height
  • Diagonal Bars to eliminate swaying
  • Magnetic Bars that lock the precise, final position
  • Feet with 10 contact points that work equally well on hard floors and padded carpet

Easy Set Up

Quick setup and breakdown is guaranteed with an Evolution pop-up display system. Featuring lightweight, collapsible frames and magnetic channel bars, the magnet applied graphics panels are an easy way to make an impact at any event.

The industry’s only stay-on-the-frame light system

QuickSet™ Light System

When you remove your Evolution® pop-up display frame from the case, you’ll see that the lights are already attached! When you expand the frame, you have installed your lights! No chairs, no ladders and no hassle. No other pop-up can boast this intelligent feature.
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Handles Your High Technology Needs

SpiderMount™ Accessible

The, innovated and patented, SpiderMount® is the winner of an Exhibitor Show Buyer’s Choice Award. SpiderMount® is a flush mounted monitor system for the Evolution® pop-up display. SpiderMount® brings modern technology to pop-up exhibitors with a smooth finished look.

Unlike competitor framework that is ‘fully cross braced’, our quads are open, enabling the mount to fit within any Evolution frame, in up to 10 different locations; giving you total control over how your display looks and functions.

Add video technology to your pop-up display to increase your visibility with your trade show audience. Weighing just three pounds, SpiderMount fully integrates with your display graphics. Graphics can even be used to cover the monitor when not in use.

SpiderMount will fit on both full height and table top displays. A full height 10′ display can hang up to four monitors utilizing SpiderMount. Based on comparisons to other products in the industry, ExpoDisplays is confident that our monitor mount system is the easiest and most light-weight system to use.

18 Models to Choose From

  • Endless Options

    18 models to choose from including 12 table tops

  • Styles

    Concave, convex, serpentine and flat shapes

  • Expandable

    Connect two Evolutions to create a larger display

Multi-Function cases that enhance and protect your investment

You’ve invested in your display, now make sure you get it to its destination safely and securely. Our heavy duty cases are molded specifically for our displays and made to withstand even the toughest shipper. The easy-to-handle shipping cases have the ability to quickly convert into a podium, simply by wrapping an additional graphic around your hard case, giving you extra exposure. 

  • Dual use case doubles as podium
  • Add additional graphics to the podium for more impact
  • Keep the case in booth space
  • Wheels are 2/3 recessed into the case for superior roll ability
  • Three well-thought out handles
  • Case is ribbed for strength
  • Custom packing efficiency to protect contents during shipping
  • Recessed butterfly locks for protection during shipping
  • Dual locking capabilities to keep contents secure