Looking Ahead to 2021

Davidson, formerly Davidson Technologies, announced a name change along with an updated logo in July of this year. The company’s headquarters is in Huntsville, Alabama making this business venture with ExpoDisplays an easy one. We have an office in Huntsville that allowed us to be a local solution provider for Davidson when they decided that along with a new name and logo, they  would need a new trade show exhibit as well.

Davidson Technologies, Inc.Davidson is a premier engineering company providing solutions to complex engineering and technical challenges though comprehensive integrated solutions for our Nation’s security.  Davidson provides proven, innovative expertise and leadership in Software, Systems and Cyber-security Engineering for numerous customers across the country including Alabama, Colorado, Alaska, California, Florida, Indiana and Michigan.

Davidson is currently planning to expand their presence in the western U.S. with opportunities in the Salt Lake City area.  

Davidson, along with several other ExpoDisplays clients, exhibits at the Space and Missile Defense Symposium which is held annually in Huntsville, AL. They wanted to be able to take a brand new exhibit to the 2020 show. An exhibit that would boldly display their new name and logo for all to see. We began work on a new 20’x20’ MultiQuad® exhibit in December of 2019. However, as Covid would have it, SMD would decide to go virtual in early 2020. As devastating as this news was to everyone planning to exhibit at SMD, Davidson made the decision to continue with their new exhibit even though they would not be needing it for the show.

As with everything in 2020, this exhibit took a little while to get to completion. However, the team at Davidson was super excited to see it finished and on display in our Birmingham location in September. They visited and completed a walk through inspection to give it the final thumbs up. They are very much looking forward to the day when they can see it on display on the trade show floor.

We are pleased to have Davidson as a client and we look forward to working with them on many new projects in the future. It’s clients like Davidson that push through the adversity and keep the goal in sight. We appreciate this opportunity to design and build their new exhibit and can’t wait to see it back at SMD next year.