The Industry's Premiere Pop-Up Display

Pop-Up Display


Evolution®, a premium pop-up display, has exclusive features that set it apart from the competition. These include QuickSet™ lights,
the only lights that stay on the frame. This pop-up display also features the SpiderMount® LCD flush monitor system.

QuickSet™ Light System

The industry’s only stay-on-the-frame light system

When you remove your Evolution frame from the case, you’ll see that the lights are already attached!
When you expand the frame, you have installed your lights!  No chairs, no ladders and no hassle.
No other pop-up can boast this intelligent feature.

The QuickSet lights are available in two options:

LED Designer Series Spotlights

for a sleek, modern look.

LED Wall Washers

for a brighter flood effect.

Easy Set Up

The lightweight frame expands into shape without any tools required. Graphics easily attach into place with magnets.

4 Simple Steps

Expand Frame
(QuickSet™ lights automatically install)

Engage 2 Frame Locks 
(sets frame in perfect position)

Attach Magnetic Bars to Frame

Attach graphics to Magnet Bars

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Frame Locks that hold the frame at the proper height

Diagonal Bars to eliminate swaying

Magnetic Bars that lock the precise, final position

Feet with 10 contact points that work equally well on hard floors and padded carpet

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Engineered with precision for stability
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SpiderMount™ Accessible

Handles Your High Technology Needs

Awarded Patent in 2016

Won “Best New Product” at ExhibitorLive

The only internally mounted, frame-supported LCD support on the market.

Holds 22″ LCD screen flush with the graphics for a finished look.

Available ONLY with Evolution®.

Available with shelves to hold keyboard, media players and other devices in front or behind the display.

Works with all Evolution models including table tops.

Use up to 4 SpiderMounts on a 10’ Evolution display.

18 models to choose from
including 12 table tops

Concave, convex, serpentine
and flat shapes

Expandable: Connect two Evolutions
to create a larger display

Multi-Function Cases that
Enhance and Protect
Your Investment


 Dual use case doubles as podium

· Add additional graphics to the podium for additional impact

· Keep the case in booth space, no waiting on cases to be returned from storage

 Wheels are 2/3 recessed into the case for superior roll ability and protection during shipping

 Three well-thought out handles. One for rolling the case and two for lifting the case

Case is ribbed for strength

 Custom packing efficiency to protect contents during shipping

 Recessed butterfly locks for protection during shipping

 Dual locking capabilities to keep contents secure

Premium Packaging


Each case is well designed and engineered to
properly pack the display and protect it.

4 Cases to Choose From


Our top seller allows an entire
10’ model to ship in one case

Converts to a podium


Use one per table top or
two for a 10’ model

Two SC82s convert to form
a single podium


Our smallest and lightest case
is perfect for table tops

Converts to a podium


Use one per table top or
two for a 10’ model

Two SC80s convert to form
a single podium