2020 Innovations and New Products



1. M-1 Shield

Method-1 Shield is a technically sophisticated and high-quality film, which helps provide effective and long-lasting protection for your public spaces, buildings, and public transportation.


2. Angled MQ

A new twist on MultiQuad is just what our clients have been waiting on. With our new angled multiquad design you have the capability to stand out like never before.



3.  Design Gallery

This new feature boasted on our website lets you scroll through numerous kit ideas for your portable and modular exhibit needs. Utilize the My Designer tool to have your brand come to life on one of our pre-designed kits created by one of our professional and highly qualified designers.



4.  H-line

h-line is an exhibit modular booth solution that lets you easily create a custom booth using pre-assembled modules. If you need an easy custom solution, this is it.


5.  Sconce Lighting

Our new light sconce provides an eye catching upwards glow that is unlike anything in the current trade show industry. Give your graphics renewed life with better lighting.


6. Shallow Showcase

Do you have small items that need to be displayed within your exhibit? This new shallow showcase allows for small items to be displayed in a cool white LED lit environment.


7. SC80 Case

Using four standard parts, the SC80 case can transform from a device to transfer your display into a podium that becomes part of the display itself. Nothing could be simpler! 



PIMCO is one of the world’s largest investment managers and has worked for over 50 years to help millions of investors pursue their objectives and reach their financial goals. They are currently managing over $1.78 TRILLION in assets. PIMCO became an ExpoDisplays client in 2016 and has been great to work with on many different projects. Michael Norrell is our account representative for PIMCO and he has continued to sell and resell them on our capabilities and show services. 

PIMCO wanted to partner with a company who could customize a trade show exhibit that would be as impressive as the company itself. ExpoDisplays answered that call! Currently PIMCO has 3 custom trade show exhibits that were designed and built right here at ExpoDisplays. Today we are currently storing and managing these three exhibits as well.

We have chosen to spotlight PIMCO and their great acts of kindness and charity as they are a great example of a successful company who gives back to the community.

The PIMCO Foundation has issued 18 new grants to charity partners focused on hunger and humanitarian relief for those affected by COVID-19. 

These funds will support PIMCO’s partners around the world, as many experience greater demand from individuals and communities seeking food and support. The PIMCO Foundation will also support the efforts of local community collaboratives in Orange County, Austin and New York City which are coordinating responses in their local regions.  PIMCO also donated funds from its Disaster Relief Program in January to support communities in China.  “It is more important than ever for us to continue to support our partners who are tirelessly serving the most vulnerable in our local communities during this unprecedented time of need,” said Emmanuel Roman, Chief Executive Officer of PIMCO and President of the PIMCO Foundation. PIMCO’s largest multi-year partner, The Global Foodbanking Network, is also among those set to receive funding. 

In addition to these donations, PIMCO offers an employee match program which supports employees’ personal philanthropy.  PIMCO is also activating virtual and pro bono volunteer opportunities for employees seeking to donate their time and expertise directly to partner organizations serving local communities. We at ExpoDisplays take great pride in having a relationship with a company as charitable as PIMCO. We look forward to continuing to cultivate and grow our projects with them for many years to come.


Top 3 Custom Projects of 2019

20x20 custom design1. Mizzen + Main

Known for their  performance technology in menswear, this 20′ x 20′ exhibit for Mizzen + Main blends the company’s legacy of tradition and classic style with the modern elegance of today’s design. The open layout of the design was conducive to foot traffic as well as staff attendee interactions and was an incredible experience for all who entered.



2. Ocean Mist

As the largest grower of fresh artichokes in the country, Ocean Mist’s custom exhibit proved to be a polished, welcoming and functionally efficient space that reflects their brand’s personality and commitment to their customers.


3. Oil Gear

Since 1921, the world’s most demanding hydraulic control applications have relied on Oilgear high-performance fluid power solutions. We knew we had to create something equally as impressive when it came to their trade show exhibit. This double-deck exhibit commanded attention and was filled with large, striking graphics while housing private meeting areas for client consultations.

Portfolio Items