What’s the difference between StratoSpace and StratoSpace Orbit?

StratoSpace Orbit is the portable version of StratoSpace. All StratoSpace Orbit items are designed to pack into wheeled cases and ship FedEx/UPS. Some non-Orbit StratoSpace designs may be portable but are designed with the assumption that they will pack into wooden shipping crates and ship via freight line.

What lighting options are available?

  1. StratoSpace Orbit Canopy w/LED Puck Lights.  Has four built-in puck lights that fire down onto the backwall. Offers a custom look and combined with the canopy adds a sleek, modern appearance to StratoSpace Orbit.
  2. LED Wall Washer Arm Lights.  Two LED wall washer arm lights will pack with the SratoSpace backwall. Lights clip to the top of the frame and extend forward. Light heads are adjustable left to right and front to back. Wall Washers are flood-style lights that offer the brightest and best wall coverage.

What does StratoSpace Orbit Weigh?

Individual Items

  • StratoSpace Orbit Backwall w/Graphics 56 lbs
  • StratoSpace Orbit Podium w/Graphic 41 lbs
  • StratoSpace Orbit Canopy w/Lights 17 lbs
  • SC50 Case w/StratoSpace Orbit Foam 26 lbs

Packaged Items

  • StratoSpace Orbit Canopy in SC50 case 43 lb
  • StratoSpace Orbit Podium in SC50 case 67 lb
  • StratoSpace Orbit Backwall in SC50 case 82 lb
  • StratoSpace Orbit Canopy and Podium in SC50 case 84 lb

How does StratoSpace Orbit Pack?

ExpoDisplays’ durable, wheeled SC50 cases are used. There are three foam options depending upon product.

  • Back wall Custom Water Jet Foam Insert. Custom designed to hold all backwall components and graphics plus arm lights.
  • Podium Custom Water Jet Foam Insert. Custom designed to hold all podium components and graphic. Note that the canopy will also fit with the podium.
  • Canopy Standard Foam Insert. Standard flat foam inserts top and bottom.

What are StratoSpace Orbit’s graphic sizes?

  • Main Center Graphic: three 28” x 84” rollable graphics that form a single 84” x 84” image
  • Wings: four 11.75” x 41” rigid graphics (two left, two right)
  • Podium: one 28” x 37” rollable graphic

What options are avaible on the StratoSpace Orbit Podium?

  • StratoSpace Orbit Podium counter tops comes in black, but you can upgrade to a different laminate color or to a specialty finish. Virtually any vertical grade laminate can be used. Edges are also laminated black but could be a different color.
  • Upgrade black counter tops by making them a custom printed graphic. Edges are also printed to match but could be a different color.