Silhouette™ FAQ


How much does a Silhouette cost?
Silhouette kits with pricing are listed on the Shop page of this web site. For questions, or for quotes on customizing a Silhouette, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Why Silhouette instead of a product I see online that look similar and cost less?
Every industry has products that look similar on a web page but vary greatly in terms of price and quality. Cheap products and substandard graphics can end up costing you much more in the long run. Silhouette is a premium product that utilizes the same graphics that we supply for million dollar museums and custom trade show exhibits. We have manufactured (and backed with lifetime warranties) trade show displays since 1970!


What are some of the uses for Silhouette?

Trade shows. Step & Repeats. Sales presentations. Backdrops for press conferences, media events, photo shoots or videos.

How can I get the most out of my investment in a Silhouette stretch fabric display?
Put it to use between events! Minimize the time your Silhouette is spent packed away. Keep it set it up in your office, lobby, break room or conference room or use it sales presentations or as a backdrop for photo or video shoots.


What warranty does Silhouette come with?
Silhouette is warrantied against manufacturing defects as follows: frame and hardware for lifetime, graphics, lights, cases and accessories for 90 days. ExpoDisplays has proudly been honoring warranties on its products since 1970!


How easy is Silhouette to set up?
Very easy by one person with no tools in 10 minutes.

Can Silhouette be assembled by one person?
Yes. Silhouette is designed to be transported, set up and packed easily by one person.

Do I need tools to assemble Silhouette?
No. Silhouette features ExpoDisplays’ popular Build by Numbers assembly system which requires no tools (and no assembly instructions even though we provide them). Click here to learn more about the Build by Numbers system.

I’m not very tall. Can I set up Silhouette?
Yes. Since you assemble Silhouette on the ground (and then stand it up once finished), it doesn’t matter how tall that you are.

How long does it take to set up a Silhouette?
It depends upon the model. Following are average installation times of various models.

  • 3’ x 8’ 8 minutes
  • 5’ x 8’ 12 minutes
  • 8’ x 8’ 15 minutes
  • 8’ x 10’ 15 minutes
  • 8’ x 20’ 25 minutes


Is Silhouette easy for one person to carry?
Yes, very easy. All 10’ wide and smaller Silhouettes pack into a 48” long x 12” wide x 8” tall wheeled travel bag. The 20′ wide model packs into two travel bags.

Can Silhouette pack into my car?
Yes. Silhouette will fit into the truck or back seat of virtually any vehicle (required space is 48” x 12” x 8”).

Can Silhouette be checked as baggage on flights?
Yes. The Silhouette wheeled travel bag is 10-15% smaller than an average golf club travel bag.

Is there a hard case option for shipping?
Yes, Silhouette packs into the SL-SC50 wheeled shipping case which is FedEx/UPS shippable. Click here for more information on the SL-SC50.

How will my Silhouette arrive?
Silhouettes are packed into its wheeled travel bag and then placed into a 48” x 12” x 12” cardboard shipping box..


Cleaning Instructions

How many graphics make up a Silhouette display?
Just one per frame. So every model from the 8’ x 3’ to the 8’ x 20’ only uses one graphic.

Is Silhouette reversible? Can I put a graphic on the back?
Yes. Silhouette is freestanding, has no “front” or “back”, and includes a “pillowcase” style graphic so one or both sides can be printed. Single-sided Silhouettes have a graphic on one side and are black on the other side. Double-sided Silhouettes are printed on both sides.

If I order a double-sided graphic, what’s required to display the back graphic?
You simply turn your Silhouette display around. One person can do it in seconds.

Why would I need a graphic on both sides?
Obviously if you will have foot traffic on both sides of the display a back graphic will be useful. Otherwise, since the cost of printing both sides of the pillowcase-style graphic is less than buying two separate graphics, it offers an economical way to have two displays in one. You would choose double-sided graphics to promote another division, product or area at your company (e.g. one for marketing and one for recruiting), have two different themes to choose from at a show or event, have a step-and-repeat for two different events, or have a backdrop for two different groups (e.g. one for the football team and one for the baseball team).

Can I replace the graphic if my message changes?
Yes. Silhouette consists of an aluminum frame with a separate pillowcase-style graphic. You can take multiple graphics with you then choose which one to install on the frame (takes 2 minutes).

Can I get help designing graphics for my Silhouette?
Absolutely. ExpoDisplays has a full-service creative department including Silhouette design services.

Can Silhouette graphics be back-lit?
No. If you are interested in a back-lit display see our ExpoLight product line or contact us to find out what other ExpoDisplays products can be backlit.

What can be printed on my Silhouette graphics?
There is no limit. Any design, photo or image that you can imagine can be printed.

Can you match PMS colors?
Yes. Simply specify colors when you submit your artwork for the graphic. Or let your Authorized ExpoDealer or ExpoDisplays know what colors to use if we handle the graphic design.

How are Silhouette graphics printed?
Silhouette graphics are printed using the dye-sublimation process. Dye-sublimated graphics are durable, wrinkle and scratch-resistant and fold like a bed sheet for packing.

Will Silhouette graphics wrinkle?
Any fabric can develop wrinkles. That’s just the nature of fabric. But Silhouette uses wrinkle-resistant stretch fabric. When installed the fabric stretches to virtually eliminate any wrinkles. Normally any wrinkles resulting in the graphic being folded for transportation will come out a few hours after the graphic is installed.

How do I clean my Silhouette graphic if it gets dirty?
First, understand that by law in the USA manufacturers have to use flame-retardant treated fabrics and washing can remove this treatment. That being said, in practice dye-sublimated graphics can be washed. First use a white eraser to remove any dust spots. Apply a very small amount of colorless liquid detergent to any stains before starting the wash cycle. Do not pour detergent into the washer drum. Fold the graphic with the image side facing up then place into the machine. Was in cold water on gentle cycle. Lay flat or hang to dry-preferably by re-attaching the graphic to the frame. DO NOT IRON! Use a hand or commercial steamer or hair dryer to eliminate wrinkles.


How much does Silhouette weigh?
It depends upon the model. Following are weights (wheeled travel bag included) for various models.

  • 3’ x 8’ 22 pounds
  • 5’ x 8’ 24 pounds
  • 8’ x 8’ 28 pounds
  • 8’ x 10’ 31 pounds
  • 8’ x 20’ 57 pounds


Are lights available?
Yes. The SL-LF109 LED light.

How many lights should I use?
We recommend one for the 3×8 and 5×8 models, two for the 8×8 and 8×10 models, and four for the 8×20 model. But you can use more lights for even more impact.

Will the lights pack with the rest of the display?
Yes. There is room for two lights in each LC-SC42 Wheeled Travel Bag.


Is there a podium option?
No and yes. No, neither the Silhouette travel bar or case converts to a podium. But yes, ExpoDisplays has plenty of podium options. Contact your Authorized ExpoDealer or an ExpoDisplays design consultant to find out more.


Can I add an LCD monitor to my Silhouette?
Yes using the optional Silhouette Monitor Kit.

What size LCD will the Silhouette Monitor Kit support?
LCD limits are more of a weight than size issue. We recommend an LCD of no more than 33 pounds. If a heavier monitor is required, we should be able to create a solution for you.