ExpoLight Kit 60
10′ x 30'
This ExpoLight / MultiQuad unit is designed to fit into a 10 x 30 inline exhibit space. Both systems feature lightweight aluminum frameworks with no tools required setup and use the Build By Numbers™ assembly system. The outer two 46” wide sections either side use the LED illuminated backlit ExpoLight product with rollable magnetic graphics for almost 8’ of backit messaging or imaging on each side. The center portion uses MultiQuad modules to allow for magnetically attached Quads that can be any color, graphic, image or faux printed finish. These Quads are easily rearranged or changed as marketing messages change or evolve. The back wall includes (2) freestanding podium units for product display or demonstration. This unit is designed to ship in either molded wheeled cases that can go FedEx or UPS or combined into a single trade show crate shipping common carrier.

 Lightweight aluminum framework with Lifetime warranty

• No tools required for setup. Build By Number™ assembly instruction

• Rollable backlit and semi rigid Quads magnetically attach

• Unit easily reconfigures into 10 x 10 or 10 x 20 sizes

• All front and side areas covered with either Quads or rollable backlit graphics

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