Low Profile Canopy Systems

MQ-CF2323MultiQuad Flat Canopy with 1 Disk Light$600
MQ-CF2346MultiQuad Flat Canopy wit 2 Disk Lights$800
MQ-CF2369MultiQuad Flat Canopy with 3 Disk Lights$1200
MQ-CF2392MultiQuad Flat Canopy wit 4 Disk Lights$1600
MQ-CF23115MultiQuad Flat Canopy with 5 Disk Lights$2000

Replacement Frame / Light System Hardware

MQP-CF2323MQ 23″ x 23″ Canopy Frame with 1 Disk Light$450
MQP-CF2346MQ 23″ x 46″ Canopy Frame with 2 Disk Lights$650

Replacement Canopy Costs – Black (unprinted)

MQP-CS2323MQ 23″ x 23″ Flat black canopy sock$250
MQP-CS2346MQ 23″ x 46″ Flat black canopy sock$300
MQP-CS2369MQ 23″ x 69″ Flat black canopy sock$450
MQP-CS2392MQ 23″ x 92″ Flat black canopy sock$600
MQP-CS23115MQ 23″ x 115″ Flat black canopy sock$700

Replacement Lights

LF10412V 18W disk light$174
LF104DBlack disk for disk light$45
Lg104BTerminal block for disk light$13
LF104CBlack 10′ cord no transformer for disk light$40
LF104TBlack 3 wire plug transformer for disk light$113
LB10418W 12V T5 Xenon light bulb with wedge base$12