Tomz Corporation

This custom 10’ x 20’ Curved MultiQuad® exhibit, for ExpoDisplays Authorized dealer, Resauve, focuses on a clean and simple design. TOMZ, a leader in computerized machinery, debuted this display at the AAOS show in 2017. It showcases their unparalleled technology by allowing visitors to engage and immerse themselves in this exhibit. The custom table serves as the focal point within this booth, and is also a virtual reality simulator for surgical procedures. In conjunction with a gaming console, visitors wear VR glasses and are able to actually simulate surgery on the backlit table. The custom table also has areas for product display and locking storage inside the base.

The curving walls of the MultiQuad® give depth to the space while allowing multifunctional capability, seen in the monitor display and product showcases. The acrylic backed showcases are customized peg board style to provide a clean background for their product. The illuminating logos on either side of the exhibit are routed into the material, giving powerful brand recognition to the company.