SAF Holland

This massive 60′ x 80′ custom exhibit, designed for SAF Holland, continues to make a bold statement at all of the numerous shows it attends. Large custom-built header structures, a feat of engineering by the ExpoDisplays team, enclose the space just enough to feel inviting and natural. The huge fabric towers, light walls, product displays, and multiple seating areas give visitors an experience all their own. Crisp and clean graphic panels efficiently cover the rear off the booth to make a practical and usable set of conference rooms while advertising for the client and catching the eyes of visitors. Other custom elements within the space are seen in the reception desk, light walls, huge tower displays, and storage areas. The SAF Holland exhibit is equipped with a service bar, conference room, bistro area and so much more.  The giant, well lit, hanging sign grab viewer’s attention and direct traffic for guests to come discover what else the company has to offer.