Pax West 2018

PAX West 2018 has offered no shortage of awesome-looking new games, breaking news, and exciting panels, but for those walking the showfloor, there the dominating area of Logitech & Astro’s was something to see. Coming in at an area of 50′ x 80, this giant exhibit pushed the boundaries of a trade show exhibit and the endless possibilities. Logitech recently acquired company, Astro, and together is now the number 1 maker of headsets, mice, keyboards and streaming webcams for PC and console gamers. What better way to promote your products than to let guests test them out for themselves. This exhibit features multiple gaming areas, from race simulators, to head-to-head gaming counters. Complete with a retail area for purchasing the merchandise on display, and stage area for selfies, this interactive exhibit was a crowd favorite. Combining both companies was made easy with the dual branded reception structure. One side featuring Logitech, and the other showcasing Astro, exhibitors experienced the 360 degrees of innovation.