Cerro Wire

Cerro Wire, a first-time exhibitor, debuted  at the NECA in 2018 using a custom MultiQuad® and Expolight™ configuration. Cerrowire is a  manufacturing company with plants in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, and Utah. This open concept 20′ x 20′ exhibit encourages fluid traffic throughout the space, while providing a designated area to highlight their product, ReelRover, a game changing wire management device. The dominant MultiQuad® Tower in combination with the sleek hanging sign commands attention and draws visitors in from afar. MultiQuad seating, podiums and monitor displays are also featured within the space and all accented the overall design and presentation of the company.  Cerro Wire is a client of The McComm Group of Decatur, Alabama.

“We crushed it!  Thank you for setting us up for success!”

Cindy Riggs
Product & Business Development Manager, Cerro Wire.