Voom™ FAQ


Can I replace the graphic if my message changes?
Yes, easily. Voom is two pieces: frame and graphic. The graphic attached to the frame with Velcro and normally stays attached during transportation. To change graphics you can remove the existing  graphic and replace with a new one in about 5 minutes. You can even take multiple graphics with you then choose which one to install on the frame.

Can I get help designing graphics for my Voom?
Absolutely. ExpoDisplays has a full-service creative department including Voom design services.

Can Voom graphics be back-lit?
No. If you are interested in a back-lit display see our ExpoLight product line or contact us to find out what other ExpoDisplays products can be backlit.

What can be printed on my Voom graphic?
There is no limit. Any design, photo or image that you can imagine can be printed.

Is Voom reversible? Can I put a graphic on the back?
No and yes. Voom has only one graphic that covers the front and the sides. For a double-sided display we recommend that you look at our Silhouette product. But, if you must have a graphic on the back of a Voom, we can do it. Contact us for details.

Can you match PMS colors?
Yes. Simply specify colors when you submit your artwork for the graphic. Or let your Authorized ExpoDealer or ExpoDisplays know what colors to use if we handle the graphic design.

How are Voom graphics produced?
Silhouette graphics are printed using the dye-sublimation process. Dye-sublimated graphics are durable, wrinkle and scratch-resistant.

Will Voom graphics wrinkle?
Any fabric can develop wrinkles. That’s just the nature of fabric. But Voom uses wrinkle-resistant stretch fabric. When installed the fabric stretches to virtually eliminate any wrinkles. Normally any wrinkles resulting from transportation will come out a few hours after the Voom is set up.

How do I clean my Voom graphic if it gets dirty?
First, understand that by law in the USA manufacturers have to use flame-retardant treated fabrics and washing can remove this treatment. That being said, in practice dye-sublimated graphics can be washed. First use a white eraser to remove any dust spots. Apply a very small amount of colorless liquid detergent to any stains before starting the wash cycle. Do not pour detergent into the washer drum. Fold the graphic with the image side facing up then place into the machine. Was in cold water on gentle cycle. Lay flat or hang to dry-preferably by re-attaching the graphic to the frame. DO NOT IRON! Use a hand or commercial steamer or hair dryer to eliminate wrinkles.