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Premium Engineered Banner Stands

DiamondFlex™ Display Banner Stands

Premium Engineered Banner Stands with a Lifetime Warranty

DiamondFlex™ is a line of premium, retractable graphic display stands
that create a beautiful presentation in less than 30 seconds.


Spring made from German steel to eliminate rust and provide long lasting strength.


Graphics retract into the base, protecting it from the roughest of travels.


2mm thick wall for strength and durability


High quality, highly plasticized lead sheet resists drying and cracking.


Special micro hook and loop is ultra-thin (.9mm) so banners retract smoothly.


Change graphics simply by removing old and attaching new using hook/loop system.

3 Piece Design
3 Piece Design

DiamondFlex is engineered for simplicity.




Graphic Support Pole


Top Rail

Works as a table top or floor model!

Precision Engineered for Straightness

The top rail is one of the industry’s thickest at 1.46 mm to prevent bending and hold the graphic straight, true and visually appealing.

The graphic support pole is extruded, drawn and hardened aluminum. This 3-part process ensures your graphic stay perfectly straight over long periods of time.

Every Part Purposefully Designed

Support pole breaks down for packing but remains connected with a multi-stranded bungee cord. This is another feature that allows it to easily convert to a table top design. The inside of the pole is deburred for a smooth interior to prevent tears to the cord.

Stability without feet

With a footprint of 306 square inches and four points of contact with the floor, DiamondFlex offers superior stability.

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Two Dependable Carrying Options
DiamondFlex™ Hard Carrying Case

Convenient rolling case with slim profile.

Sleek case constructed of ABS plastic for maximum impact resistance.

Same shape as the base —no wasted space.

Interior Velcro straps to secure support pole.

All straps are 38 mil webbing that are double cross-stitched for a permanent connection.

Secure double clasp closure with option to use a lock.

02 - Carrying Bag
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Two Dependable Carrying Options
DiamondFlex™ Carrying Bag

Same shape as the base—no wasted space

Outside constructed of 600 denier polyester lined with foam

Interior another 200 denier of polyester

38 mil webbing for added durability

Handle and adjustable shoulder strap for comfort when carrying

All straps are 38 mil webbing that are double cross-stitched for a permanent connection

Double zipper opening for ease of use and to provide an option to use a lock

01 - Hard Carrying Case
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Lifetime Warranty

Aluminum extruded at 400 degrees  as a strong yet
beautiful and elegant shape

10 micron acid anodized finish for hardness and durability

Endplates constructed of glass-filled nylon which
is more wear-resistant and less brittle than most plastics

Discover which banner stand is right for you.


When it comes to product testimonials, our DiamondFlex™ banner stands receive the highest praise. Why is that? Customers that have purchased less expensive, mass produced banner stands understand the difference in the quality of our banner stands. Each piece is specifically engineered for quality that lasts.

We have always received quality product.

LaurenHoar Constructionhttps://

It’s easy to set up. The carrying case is GREAT.

Jane AtchisonEagle Support

…We need durable, portable equipment. I have used other brands in the past, but they are not as sturdy and user friendly and the DiamondFlex.

Church of the HighlandsGina Tindol - Campus Coordinator


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