PaxPrime. The biggest gaming event in North America was held in August in Seattle with tons of crowds, lots of lights and sounds, an abundance of games, a smattering of cosplay, and plenty of fun.  At $40 ticket/ per day, it sold out in less than 1 hour.


We had the opportunity to get in on the action. Pretty cool projects pass through our manufacturing facility and this Logitech Race Car simulator via Studio Blue is certainlyHankBasket one of them. The simulator is designed with movement to engage the senses and make it a one of a kind experience for customers. The simulators were positioned in front of a towering MultiQuad® featuring the signature colors of this technology super power.


People were lined up to take a “spin” in one of these simulators at PAXPRIME in Seattle.  Even celebrities wanted to take a drive. NFL football player, Hank Baskett, tested out the torque of this incredible interactive exhibit.