More about Quads®

Quads® are precision CNC cut square panels with magnets on the back that attach to the MultiQuad® frames to create the finished MultiQuad® product. While frames provide the structure, Quads® give the finished look. Quads® have built-in black reveals on the edges to give a modern look and minimize the gaps and seams due to uneven trade show floors.
Quads® are not available without reveals.

Display with Standard Quads®

Display with Double Quads®

Display with Jumbo Quads®

Specialty Quads®

Product Showcases

A well crafted product display box gives you the ability to set your product, awards, or other items safely within your display for public view.

Backlit Quads®

Add a backlit graphic Quad® to your display to help illuminate an important message.  Backlit Quads® are easily attached and include a 1/2″ black reveal.

Monitor Quads®

Hold up to a 22″ monitor centered in a single Quad® or go up to 60″ when you position across four Quads®. Monitors are securely attached to the frames and sit flush with the Quads® for a seamless, finished appearance.

Dry Erase Quads®

Write all over your Quads® with the MultiQuad Dry Erase Quads®. Have a handy writing tool right on your display in one Quad® or create a large space for a presentation with multiple Quad® next to each other.  This application works well for quick meetings or sketches during a show.