March: Display of the Month

Posted by Brandon Lackey on Mar 13, 2015 11:46:00 AM

PAXPRIME, PAXEAST, PAXSOUTH, PAXAUS…where did it all start?  Seattle, 2004, when the folks at Penny Arcade decided they wanted a show exclusively for gaming. Sure there are comic shows, anime, Star Wars and the like.  But PAX is dedicated to just gaming and shows no stop in sight.  What started as one show in a Seattle suburb has doubled every  year and now sells out in minutes.
So where is ExpoDisplays involved in this megashow?  It’s via our dealer Studio Blue.  We invent and re-invent exciting displays for industry leading Logitech.  Look around your desk or at home or your car, most of us have a piece of Logitech technology someone.  And major brands like Logitech need major exhibits, and they choose MultiQuad.


MultiQuad provides the flexibility they need to reconfigure and reinvent for multiple shows in multiple cities.  Their MultiQuads support a variety of accessories such as media mounts, product showcases and back lit panels.  The preview of the PAXEAST displays in our facility a few weeks ago, left their trade show team very happy. So if you you’re your friends win the ticket lottery to get to a PAX show, check out the customized Logitech MultiQuad and its massive gaming table…that is, if you can see it from all of the people.