Leads and Fried Chicken

A designers first trade show installation

Designing, manufacturing and installing amazing custom exhibits is par for course around ExpoDisplays…but throw in some good Southern food and we show up en masse!   All kidding aside, the set up around the corner in Atlanta was the perfect opportunity for some of our designers to pitch in with the install Wynn’s Grain & Spice’s new custom exhibit.   Aesthetically it was flavorful and the specifications required some highly customized elements.  This was a great chance for our designers to get their hands dirty.   One of the new designers in training had never been to a trade show install.  Here’s what he had to offer up.  It’s really great advise for anyone who is going to their first installation.

  1. Take a back pack with snacks and water.  I was unprepared for the fact that access to food was what seemed like miles away.  When you’re hungry, thirsty and in the middle of a project, trotting around scoping out food isn’t on your agenda.
  2. It’s dark…and hot.  The lights and the HVAC is typically on a conservation setting.  So don’t expect to see your display in all its glory until a few hours before the show.
  3. Take tools.  Got a favorite wrench?   Take it.  You may be quicker on your feet if you have a few of your favorite tools.  When a big install crew is hard at work, an extra screwdriver may be hard to come by.

Second nature to industry veterans, these facts are new to some people.  The best way to learn about the trade show business is at a trade show.  The designers worked hard on the design, hard on the install and reaped not only a reward of fried chicken from Wynn’s custom commercial kitchen…but they gained a new experience, too.  And as far as “leads” go, the exhibit served that up too.  Check out the testimonial.