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What is the Kül33?

The kül33 is ExpoDisplays and Method-1 Interior’s coolest pick of the week explained in a simple, straight-to-the-point blog format sent to your inbox.  It’s not just marketing fluff, it’s the coolest thing we ran across that week.  Really cool… 33 degrees cool.  Why 33? Because 32 degrees cool is ice, and ice is hard.  We want this to be easy.  Our pick will be anything from a trade show display we’ve just shipped, to a recently installed museum exhibit.  It may even be a detail that caught our attention or an interesting design or thought.  Something to inspire you in 33 seconds or less.

Word Count:  111

Average time to read: 31.5 seconds

…see like that!

Who chooses the Kül33 ?

We have a team of  4 that keep their eyes open for things that inspire them.  Sometimes it’s something they built or they designed themselves.  Sometimes it’s just something they saw.

Aubrey – We’re convinced, jack-of-all-trades, Aubrey can do anything. He … bio bio

Branan – Project Manager Branan has the organization to keep big projects on a role, and a trained artist’s eye.  A talented potter, he spends his weekends in his home studio… bio bio

Brad – He’s a one of our designers.  With a degree in Industrial Design not only does  … bio bio

Jordan – Graphic Designer, Jordan helps compile the list.  This self professed font snob, has her own unique style but has a keen eye for …bio bio