Go one step further in customizing your h-line
Panoramic Lightbox, the lightbox that makes you unique
Take the customisation of your lightboxes even further, with 3 innovations available now:
Mounting of TV Accessories and/or Shelving
2 New Profile Colors
2 New Graphic Options for the Rear Panel
Access New Functions
Add accessories to lightboxes with a thickness of 12 cm. Graphic side: an illuminated side and an opaque side.
Add shelves as you please
Mount a TV without casting shade on the graphic.
You can have several accessories on a lightbox, on the front and/or back.
Customise the color of
your profiles.

Now available: black or white lightbox profiles. Anodized grey is still available as the standard one.

These 2 new colors are obtained through the application of a printed vinyl.

Choose the back graphic!

Up until now, only a black opaque back graphic was available on single-sided lightboxes.

Now, thanks to the approval of a new fabric, 2 additional options are available in the standard version: a white or printed back graphic.

And for double-sided lightboxes, the diffusing back graphic is still also available.

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