Glossary of Trade Show Terms


Think about it.  We’ve all had managers at a new job who said, “If you have any questions, just ask!”  But do we really always ask?  Often times not.  After all, we’re professionals, we’re experienced, we’ve been in a marketing job for a few years now and we feel confident!  We’re trying not to look too green our first week.  Plus…there’s Google and Wikipedia.


Wrong.  Tried searching “prospectus” lately?  It’s one thing for the finance world but something very different in the trade show industry.  What about “drayage?”  I thought that had something to do with a horse show and why is it something so vitally important to our business?

You don’t want to ask your boss every time you run across something new.  You want to do your research and be informed.  So, download this easy glossary of trade show terms.  Then, you’ll know!

(Industry veterans:  This is for you, too.  These are words you’ve used for years. But why not download it for a training tool!)

Download here