Cubic Content on trade show floor

Posted by Jay Burkette on May 7, 2014 3:00:00 PM

On the heels of a successful Exhibitor Show and EuroShop visit, I thought I would share some conversations that I had with industry veterans regarding two interesting subjects that seem to continue to gain traction.

Firstly – The concept and implementation of a Cubic Content booth formatting, whereby the in-line exhibitor would have the ability to use full height display structure at not only the back-wall but also side walls up to the aisle line. This booth space exhibiting concept is widely used in the global marketplace – and some (I applaud them) show organizers within the U.S. market are starting to offer.
This concept is a win for all: International exhibitors visiting, exhibitors in getting additional messaging area, builders by providing equipment, shippers, handlers and installers by moving or working with more display properties – seems like a winning combination that benefits not only the industry but all in it. For many years the gold standard for exhibit layout has been some of the guidelines issued those many years ago by some of our industry associations – perhaps in this global exhibiting age we should review and possibly rewrite or adjust some of those standards to reflect today’s global exhibiting community. Lets move forward.

Secondly – One conversation hinged on the concept of perhaps including the show freight handling and perhaps making it a part of the floor space square footage cost (there are currently some existing U.S. based shows that work very similar to this). This is an interesting concept as it presents an opportunity for the exhibitor to know in advance what their costs for a show are going to be thus helping them control their budget – in that case it would not matter what exhibit property they sent to a show, their material handling costs would be already paid for (generally in advance). the win here could potentially be for everyone – Exhibitor’s know there costs going in, show organizers know the material handling up front based on exhibitor floor space. Sounds like a workable and viable alternative.

What are your thoughts?