MultiQuad® Floor Sconces

Who Doesn’t Love To Hear The Words NEW PRODUCT? You asked, and we have delivered.

Introducing Our NEW MultiQuad® 23″ & 46″ Floor Sconces

  • Easy To Assemble (No Tools Required)
  • Folds Flat For Easy Storage And Shipping
  • Gives An Upward Glow Unlike Anything In The Industry
  • Easily Detachable – Connected By Velcro
  • Graphics Can Be Printed Directly Onto Its Surface

Assembly instructions will never be misplaced as they are printed directly onto the 

surface of the bottom of this fixture!

Our NEW sconce light is available in two convenient sizes.

 23″ MQ-LFFS23  $227.00

46″ MQ-LFFS46  $288.00

You can find all of the product and pricing details on our website HERE

Don’t delay! Order your NEW sconce lighting today and have it available for use at your next event.

New Product Announcement

Do you have items that need to be displayed within your exhibit?

Our new MultiQuad® shallow showcase gives you the ability to display multiple items or an individual item on its own. You can now draw attention to your exhibit like never before!!

Our shallow showcase is bolted into the MultiQuad® framework. This allows the showcase to hold a substantial amount of weight. Therefore, it will most likely be able to hold almost anything that you can find to display.

This new addition to our MultiQuad® product lineup is perfect for highlighting your new products! This lit showcase can be easily incorporated into a new design or an existing exhibit. 

 Visit our website to get complete details for this new product.