2020 Innovations and New Products



1. M-1 Shield

Method-1 Shield is a technically sophisticated and high-quality film, which helps provide effective and long-lasting protection for your public spaces, buildings, and public transportation.


2. Angled MQ

A new twist on MultiQuad is just what our clients have been waiting on. With our new angled multiquad design you have the capability to stand out like never before.



3.  Design Gallery

This new feature boasted on our website lets you scroll through numerous kit ideas for your portable and modular exhibit needs. Utilize the My Designer tool to have your brand come to life on one of our pre-designed kits created by one of our professional and highly qualified designers.



4.  H-line

h-line is an exhibit modular booth solution that lets you easily create a custom booth using pre-assembled modules. If you need an easy custom solution, this is it.


5.  Sconce Lighting

Our new light sconce provides an eye catching upwards glow that is unlike anything in the current trade show industry. Give your graphics renewed life with better lighting.


6. Shallow Showcase

Do you have small items that need to be displayed within your exhibit? This new shallow showcase allows for small items to be displayed in a cool white LED lit environment.


7. SC80 Case

Using four standard parts, the SC80 case can transform from a device to transfer your display into a podium that becomes part of the display itself. Nothing could be simpler! 


Trex – All Decked Out

Trex Company, Inc. is a major manufacturer of wood-alternative decking, railings and other outdoor items made from recycled materials. For the International Builders Show earlier this year, Trex was looking to create an experience in their booth with blended areas to represent all of their various products. Our goal was to elevate the experience of their products by simplifying the way the products were displayed.

I think that we more than accomplished both our goals as well as the goals  that the Trex management team had set. This was an exhibit like no other for 

us and it was a huge success in the end. I believe the statements made by Mel  Karlson | Senior Marketing Manager, are telling of just how much they enjoyed working with us on this project.

“When it comes to fit and finish of  construction in the TREX exhibit, I’m pretty discerning.  With our previous exhibit partner it became an unfortunate tradition to visit during the build-phase with a single roll of blue masking tape hoping I didn’t need two. The guys had the skills and experience but, for whatever reasons, had lost their pride of workmanship. Well, no tape needed with Expo Displays. What a joy!”


“I just wanted to say a big Thank You to the team who obviously has MAD SKILLS but also truly cares and takes pride in their workmanship.  Congratulations on a job well done.”

Mel Karlson | Senior Marketing Manager


Looking Ahead to 2021

Davidson, formerly Davidson Technologies, announced a name change along with an updated logo in July of this year. The company’s headquarters is in Huntsville, Alabama making this business venture with ExpoDisplays an easy one. We have an office in Huntsville that allowed us to be a local solution provider for Davidson when they decided that along with a new name and logo, they  would need a new trade show exhibit as well.

Davidson Technologies, Inc.Davidson is a premier engineering company providing solutions to complex engineering and technical challenges though comprehensive integrated solutions for our Nation’s security.  Davidson provides proven, innovative expertise and leadership in Software, Systems and Cyber-security Engineering for numerous customers across the country including Alabama, Colorado, Alaska, California, Florida, Indiana and Michigan.

Davidson is currently planning to expand their presence in the western U.S. with opportunities in the Salt Lake City area.  

Davidson, along with several other ExpoDisplays clients, exhibits at the Space and Missile Defense Symposium which is held annually in Huntsville, AL. They wanted to be able to take a brand new exhibit to the 2020 show. An exhibit that would boldly display their new name and logo for all to see. We began work on a new 20’x20’ MultiQuad® exhibit in December of 2019. However, as Covid would have it, SMD would decide to go virtual in early 2020. As devastating as this news was to everyone planning to exhibit at SMD, Davidson made the decision to continue with their new exhibit even though they would not be needing it for the show.

As with everything in 2020, this exhibit took a little while to get to completion. However, the team at Davidson was super excited to see it finished and on display in our Birmingham location in September. They visited and completed a walk through inspection to give it the final thumbs up. They are very much looking forward to the day when they can see it on display on the trade show floor.

We are pleased to have Davidson as a client and we look forward to working with them on many new projects in the future. It’s clients like Davidson that push through the adversity and keep the goal in sight. We appreciate this opportunity to design and build their new exhibit and can’t wait to see it back at SMD next year.


PIMCO is one of the world’s largest investment managers and has worked for over 50 years to help millions of investors pursue their objectives and reach their financial goals. They are currently managing over $1.78 TRILLION in assets. PIMCO became an ExpoDisplays client in 2016 and has been great to work with on many different projects. Michael Norrell is our account representative for PIMCO and he has continued to sell and resell them on our capabilities and show services. 

PIMCO wanted to partner with a company who could customize a trade show exhibit that would be as impressive as the company itself. ExpoDisplays answered that call! Currently PIMCO has 3 custom trade show exhibits that were designed and built right here at ExpoDisplays. Today we are currently storing and managing these three exhibits as well.

We have chosen to spotlight PIMCO and their great acts of kindness and charity as they are a great example of a successful company who gives back to the community.

The PIMCO Foundation has issued 18 new grants to charity partners focused on hunger and humanitarian relief for those affected by COVID-19. 

These funds will support PIMCO’s partners around the world, as many experience greater demand from individuals and communities seeking food and support. The PIMCO Foundation will also support the efforts of local community collaboratives in Orange County, Austin and New York City which are coordinating responses in their local regions.  PIMCO also donated funds from its Disaster Relief Program in January to support communities in China.  “It is more important than ever for us to continue to support our partners who are tirelessly serving the most vulnerable in our local communities during this unprecedented time of need,” said Emmanuel Roman, Chief Executive Officer of PIMCO and President of the PIMCO Foundation. PIMCO’s largest multi-year partner, The Global Foodbanking Network, is also among those set to receive funding. 

In addition to these donations, PIMCO offers an employee match program which supports employees’ personal philanthropy.  PIMCO is also activating virtual and pro bono volunteer opportunities for employees seeking to donate their time and expertise directly to partner organizations serving local communities. We at ExpoDisplays take great pride in having a relationship with a company as charitable as PIMCO. We look forward to continuing to cultivate and grow our projects with them for many years to come.


MultiQuad® Floor Sconces

Who Doesn’t Love To Hear The Words NEW PRODUCT? You asked, and we have delivered.

Introducing Our NEW MultiQuad® 23″ & 46″ Floor Sconces

  • Easy To Assemble (No Tools Required)
  • Folds Flat For Easy Storage And Shipping
  • Gives An Upward Glow Unlike Anything In The Industry
  • Easily Detachable – Connected By Velcro
  • Graphics Can Be Printed Directly Onto Its Surface

Assembly instructions will never be misplaced as they are printed directly onto the 

surface of the bottom of this fixture!

Our NEW sconce light is available in two convenient sizes.

 23″ MQ-LFFS23  $227.00

46″ MQ-LFFS46  $288.00

You can find all of the product and pricing details on our website HERE

Don’t delay! Order your NEW sconce lighting today and have it available for use at your next event.

Exceeding Expectations

Method-1 and Mercedes have a long-standing relationship that includes many amazing interior projects. Over the years Mercedes has come to us for help to transform their After-Sales Experience showroom, their Body Shop Café, their Visitor Center and their MBUSI cafeteria. We have worked together on each of these projects with great success and continue to transform their spaces with both technology and functionality.

In May of 2019, Mercedes contacted us about a potential project that would be unlike any other we had done for them in the past. They wanted to host a very large training event in Birmingham, AL and it would require transforming spaces both inside and outside. This event had previously only been held at a training facility in Germany. The event would be focused on employee training for the Mercedes AMG class of performance vehicles. These vehicles are tuned in a specific way that allows for additional power and sets them apart from a “normal” Mercedes vehicle.

Needless to say, we were very intrigued by both the size and scope of the event. Honestly, who wouldn’t be excited about the opportunity to work on this project. It’s the best of the best from Mercedes and it was an opportunity to stretch the limits of our capabilities to heights that even we didn’t know.

The event was to take place at two locations within Birmingham. The hands-on training would happen at Barber Motor Sports Park and the classroom training at Ross Bridge Resort. These locations are approximately 12 miles apart and would need to be transformed to become two separate, yet cohesive AMG branded facilities. The vision was that attendees would recognize the same branding in both locations and that branding would truly transform the two locations into what looked and felt like an AMG facility.

After having multiple site meetings with management from Mercedes Birmingham, Atlanta and Germany to discuss the event we felt as though we had a firm understanding of what would be required  to make this event successful.

Once we were all in agreeance on the plans for the project, our design team went to work!! We were able to utilize designers from both our custom interior division as well as our tradeshow division in order to create branding that would be fluid for both inside and out.

Between the two locations, we designed, fabricated and installed hundreds of components. We as a team worked simultaneously in both locations to ensure that the timelines were met for this week long event. It had to be flawless to be an accurate representation of Mercedes and we made that happen.

Graphics and furnishings included the following:
– Tension fabric arches and structures, Large format mesh banners, SEG fabric walls
– Vinyl on glass and cars – Banner stands – 3D foam letters at various sizes
– Large format fabric banners – Faux plants
– Furniture in the restaurant @ Ross Bridge 
– Accent Battery powered LED up-lighting – Accent lighting for cars
– 80” monitors on rolling carts
– PA systems for training modules

This event turned out to be a very successful one for all involved. The team at Mercedes AMG was thrilled with how everything looked as well as how smoothly the weeks’ events ran. We at Method-1 were proud to step back and look at the overall accomplishments of our staff. We knew that we had stretched the limits of anything we had done prior and we had superseded our own expectations.