Amortizing your custom trade show exhibit

Posted by Terri Parker


Early to bed, early to rise, work like heck and amortize!

Well the saying may be “advertise” but in the trade show industry, if you aren’t amortizing your trade show exhibit, you may be short changing your opportunities. 

With the average life of an exhibit  being  around 5 years, it is wise to use that longevity to your advantage when considering your show budget.  If you do 6 shows per year, proposing a $120,000 display may not hurt so bad when you realize that is only $4,000 per show.  Let’s take a smaller inline exhibit of $20,000.   5 shows per year for 3  years amortizes to a little over $1300 per show.  In your overall show budget, the exhibit itself may end up being one of your lesser expenses.  When considering whether or not you can afford  a new exhibit this is an important step.


Don’t treat the exhibit as an after thought or a one time purchase.  Think of this tremendous branding tool over the span of its use.