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If you look close enough, there are trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences for nearly every interest and industry. However, to really stand out at these events, you need to demonstrate not only your brand and what sets you apart but also innovation and creativity in your exhibit display.

Our process is streamlined with every aspect covered under one roof.

ExpoDisplays in Birmingham, Alabama, is a unique partner to help bring your custom trade show display to life. We’re working with companies and industry professionals across the globe, providing innovative, unique custom trade show exhibits since 1970. If you have an upcoming event or trade show, let our experienced designers help you create a memorable presentation that invites future business.​
What industries benefit from custom trade show exhibits?
There are many trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences that take place every year: are you in an industry that typically attends these events?

ExpoDisplays is a full-service custom design house, establishing the blueprints, fabrication, and construction of the exhibit. We work with a number of companies in various industries, the ones listed are just a few!

Our team of experienced design and fabrication professionals can help businesses in any industry create a unique exhibit for any upcoming event or trade show. We are a unique business in this space because we handle every aspect of the exhibit from start to finish as well as after the installation of the display. If your event is canceled for any reason or following the event, we offer storage in our climate-controlled facility in Birmingham, Alabama, to ensure that no damage is done to it outside of the trade show circuit.

How can a custom trade show exhibit help my brand?

Sharing your brand is one of the main goals when attending a trade show, exhibition, or conference, and it’s one of the best ways to attract new business and new customers to drive your business forward. However, you don’t want to attend an event with a small display – you want to stand out from the crowd!

A custom trade show exhibit can help you stand apart from the competition in a way that truly shares your brand, your message, your mission, and what services or products you offer that help your target market. At ExpoDisplays in Alabama, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with unique, innovative custom trade show displays that share your business, and we do this through our proprietary product lines and services, some of those are listed here!

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Now is the time to prepare for any upcoming trade shows, exhibitions, or conferences. Our team at ExpoDisplays in Alabama is here to help you celebrate your business and introduce your latest solutions to your target market.

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