3 Easy Kits

Procrastination?  Last minute show?  Emergency?  We’ve all been there.  We’ve chosen a few of our favorite fail-safe kits to keep up your sleeve just for the occasion.  Because a quick decision still needs to be a smart one.


MultiQuad® 1060HD View Kit

  • Perfect for a 10’x10′
  • Podium
  • Monitor
  • Shelf


Evolution® 9′ Flat Wall  View Pop-Up

  • Pop Up
  • Clean, simple background
  • QuickSet™ Light system
  • Easy set up




ExpoLight™ Light boxes  View 

Whether massing a few of the same size, one of each size or using them as stand alone pieces, our back lit boxes are a simple but bright solution for the show floor.




Does it get any more simple than that?