2020 Innovations and New Products



1. M-1 Shield

Method-1 Shield is a technically sophisticated and high-quality film, which helps provide effective and long-lasting protection for your public spaces, buildings, and public transportation.


2. Angled MQ

A new twist on MultiQuad is just what our clients have been waiting on. With our new angled multiquad design you have the capability to stand out like never before.



3.  Design Gallery

This new feature boasted on our website lets you scroll through numerous kit ideas for your portable and modular exhibit needs. Utilize the My Designer tool to have your brand come to life on one of our pre-designed kits created by one of our professional and highly qualified designers.



4.  H-line

h-line is an exhibit modular booth solution that lets you easily create a custom booth using pre-assembled modules. If you need an easy custom solution, this is it.


5.  Sconce Lighting

Our new light sconce provides an eye catching upwards glow that is unlike anything in the current trade show industry. Give your graphics renewed life with better lighting.


6. Shallow Showcase

Do you have small items that need to be displayed within your exhibit? This new shallow showcase allows for small items to be displayed in a cool white LED lit environment.


7. SC80 Case

Using four standard parts, the SC80 case can transform from a device to transfer your display into a podium that becomes part of the display itself. Nothing could be simpler!