3 Ways to Display Product at a Trade Show

 1. Showcases

Heavy, complicated displays and customized vitrines could be a thing of the past with easy to assemble, portable showcases like these. MultiQuad® has a simple, portable solution for displaying items.  Whether it’s pens, koozies, manikins or safety gear as used by RPB Safety, MultiQuad® has you covered.

Product Showcase


2. Shelving

Set up a  versatile, fabric backwall at any trade show, marketing event or retail sale in minutes.  Include these simple waterfall shelves for easy display.

shelf for fabric wall


3. Pegboard

This versatile accessory offers plenty of  merchandising options to show products within plain view and easy reach of your target audience.  This merchandiser’s sweetheart has just about every option available for merchandising your product.  Customized pegboard, slat wall, shelves, and showcases.  What’s not to like?

Peg Hook



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