Top 3 Portable /Modular Displays of 2017

So many exhibits, so little time.  After having a look through our 2017 portfolio of portable and modular displays, we see the evidence that there’s still nothing like MultiQuad® in the market. Good news there as we approach the 10th Anniversary of MultiQuad®. 

So here are the top 3 MultiQuads® displays that we created for our customers in 2017.

1. Franke Foods

Franke Food Exhibit

What’s to like?

  • Well, it is full of coffee pots, there’s that
  • Custom items are added like the storage closet
  • Addition of a fabric header

View Franke here

  • 2. RPB Safety

    Portable Display

    What’s to like?

    • This entire 20′ x 20′ display fit in 2 crates
    • Showcases galore
    • Did we mention this exhibit broke down into only 2 crates?

    View RPB here

    3. Tomz Corporation

    What’s to like?

    • Interactive media table.  Check it out here
    • Custom curved feature
    • Included product showcases and media monitor

View Tomz here


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