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3 Easy Kits

Procrastination?  Last minute show?  Emergency?  We’ve all been there.  We’ve chosen a few of our favorite fail-safe kits to keep up your sleeve just for the occasion.  Because a quick decision still needs to be a smart one.


MultiQuad® 1060HD View Kit

  • Perfect for a 10’x10′
  • Podium
  • Monitor
  • Shelf


Evolution® 9′ Flat Wall  View Pop-Up

  • Pop Up
  • Clean, simple background
  • QuickSet™ Light system
  • Easy set up




ExpoLight™ Light boxes  View 

Whether massing a few of the same size, one of each size or using them as stand alone pieces, our back lit boxes are a simple but bright solution for the show floor.




Does it get any more simple than that?




8 Tips for TradeShow Giveaways




At the show, attendees are inundated with gimmicks – from literature bombardment to useless trade show giveaways. Remember, the idea is to get people into your booth space where they can become a potential client, not merely an attendee.

The best activities are those that attract people you want to visit your booth. Create an activity targeted at your client prospects, and promote what it is and how they can win ahead of time. If it’s a drawing, have them answer three simple questions about your product to be eligible. Or, have them fill out a brief questionnaire about their needs before they can qualify to win. Whether it is a drawing or a giveaway, make sure the information you gather will allow you to leave with a qualified lead.

Too often, companies overestimate the effectiveness of literature. Show attendees have been trained to expect literature, and most of it ends up in the trash can. Therefore, what you do hand out should be your less expensive pieces, or pieces made specifically for the show. Instead of simply having a stack of brochures for anyone to pick up, have your booth personnel hand out literature personally. Better yet, get the prospect’s information or business card in exchange for the brochure, so you can follow-up after the show.


8 Tips for TradeShow Giveaways

If handled incorrectly, giveaways can attract crowds too large to give your booth personal time for meaningful interaction or lead collection. But when giveaways are integrated into the entire show strategy, they can reinforce a message, recognize a visitor for stopping at the booth, communicate a specific message, or reward a prospect for participating in a demonstration. Here are some tips for giveways that you may consider:


1. Determine the giveaway’s purpose.

   Understand why you are using a giveaway and what you expect in return before you select your giveaway. an exhibitor should first ask, “What are we trying to accomplish at this trade show? Can a giveaway help improve the communication of our message?”


2. Make the prize specific to your business.

   Personalizing the giveaway with your business name, address and phone number, or selecting and item that only your company can provide, such as one of your own products, can accomplish this step


3. Be selective; avoid being hit-and-run.

Do not hand out giveaways to everyone who passes by. Follow a plan of action. Determine what an attendee needs to do to receive your giveaway (for example, give you their contact information).


4. Keep the giveaways out of sight.

Otherwise, curious hands may grab them before you have a chance to talk to the attendee.


5. An effective giveaway has high-perceived value.

    That does not mean it has to be expensive. It just has to be perceived as valuable by your attendees.


6. Useful gifts are retained.

Useless gifts are given to someone else. You want a gift that recipients hang on to, so it keeps reminding them of your company.


7. Unique is better than expensive.

Find an attractive giveaway that no one else is offering, and you will gain more attendee interest. Again, the trick is to find a creative giveaway that your show audience will value.


8. On the desk is better than in the desk.

It will provide a continuous reminder of you, the exhibitor.